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Staying Union Free

Staying Union Free must begin with a critical self analysis of your company, its people, and its policies.  Why do employees choose to organize?  Reason number 1 is because management fails to listen to what employees are telling it and respond appropriately.  Employee complaints that fall on deaf ears or are not addressed in a prompt fashion show employees that management does not care about them.  So what do they do?  They become receptive to the pitch of the union organizer that the union will make the boss listen and will fight their cause.  Employers frequently cite wages and benefits as the motivating reasons for union organizing by employees, but, generally speaking, most employees do not start out seeking union representation because of wages.  To be sure, once the campaign starts, wages and benefits move to the top of the list and a union's wild-eyed promises that all the employees have to do is vote them in and they will get a raise may gather steam.

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